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I cannot see the Merseyside Community Messaging portal correctly on my browser, what can I do?

Mersey Now is compatible with the following browsers IE11, Firefox and Chrome. Please ensure your browser is updated for the latest security features and enhanced user experience. Your browser may update automatically depending on your browser preferences.

Pin Registration

I am not receiving my Pin code when I enter my email address or SMS (Mobile Number) on the initial registration page?

Firstly, please ensure that you have entered your details correctly and allow up to 5 minutes for your Pin to be received. If you have still not received your Pin please press the RESEND PIN button to generate a new one.
NB. If you press RESEND PIN you will need to enter the latest Pin and not the old code from your original request

Register Page

I can't complete my registration on the page after my pin code has been entered?

Please be aware that there are mandatory fields that are required to be completed in order to progress; these include Name, Surname, Street and Municipality. If any mandatory details is omitted or incomplete, the system will not let you progress to register further information. The system will highlight in red the fields that are needed to continue with your registration.

I can't confirm my address in the Map section of the confirm address page?

If you have entered your address details and the system has not found your address accurately on the map, you can select in the search results section. There will be two sub windows that highlight in blue when you hover over with your mouse cursor, if you select the "I will choose my address and location on map" sub window next to the main map, you will be able to move the produced pointer to the desired location.

I can't log out after saving my details when registering?

When save has been pressed at any stage in the My Profile page, you can log out by clicking on the “log out” link at the top right of the page. This will log you out and you will be redirected to the "Thank you for registering with Mersey Now Community Messaging" page, completing your current registration.

Update your Details

I want to be able to update my address details because I have moved house, how do I do this?

You will first need to enter your mobile number or email address, fill in the Captcha Code and generate a Pin code. Once you have received and entered this Pin code, you will be taken to the My Profile page where you will be able to amend your old details and update your profile.